Our breeding facility is located at 35 Chesterfield Road Columbus, New Jersey 08022.  I am a small operation providing very personal care to the moms, dads, and puppies.

Visits are by appointment only.

You can reach us by phone at (609)-410-1333. Please leave a message. 

Or by email: plabate@verizon.net

Lots of folks ask for advice about puppies.  I usually recommend crate training.  The pup likes the security of his “nest” and it is a failsafe way to guard your new pup from getting into his own “work” while you are at work or away from the home.  He considers you the pack leader and will respond positively to you being such and setting guidelines and expectations.  I usually recommend www.carealotpets.com   as an excellent resource.  The type of crate I usually recommend is a suitcase type from Midwest model number 1542dddoubledoor  42″ x 28″x 30″   This crate might seem too large for a puppy, but it affords the extra space for paper at one end( for accidents) , bedding at the other.    It folds up for easy storage and transportation if you are going  away for the day.

I also suggest buying a quart size flat-backed stainless steel bucket for water and a stainless steel bowl for food.

I feed the puppies for the first year Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice or Chicken and Rice for Puppies.  As adults my dogs switch off from Purina some weeks to Taste of the Wild, Prairier Fowl and Bison formula (a no grain feed).  Knock on wood, my dogs are very healthy and only see the vet for normal maintenance issues.

A couple of other sites that are helpful are:



www.revivalanimalhealth.com 1 800-786-4751


I also use NuVet Plus with my adults and the puppies.  More than a million dogs and cats are using Nuvet  to protect against most aliments (from back yards pesticides, pet food allergies and hormones, toxic formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting, ailments transmitted from dog parks and the vet’s office, etc.) while maintaining a beautiful skin and coat.

This is not just a vitamin.  It is an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high potency antioxidants.  That why it works so well through all three stages of a dog’s life.  For younger dogs (under two years old) it strengthens their immune system, while building and strengthening the cardiovascular, seletal and nerve systems.  For dogs in their prime (age 2-8) it improves the luster of their skin and coat while protecting against allergies, sin and coat problems, staining from tears, digestive problems.  For older dogs (over 8 years old) it helps reduce and eliminate arthritis, tumors, premature aging, cataracts, heart conditions, diabetes and many types of cancers, while extending the life and improving the vitality of many dogs.  I order this product for my dogs from the vets who first started the company.  You may order it directly from them also  by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code 33947 or ordering online at www.nuvet.com/33947.

Another good resource is:www.PetEdge.com  1800-PET-EDGE for all kinds of toys and other products.


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